Double click the button (from off) to begin designing your own 2 colour mode.

Browse the colour options by clicking the button once.

When you find the first colour you would like to use hold down the button to select it, the light will flash letting you know that your selection has been loaded.

It’s time to choose your second colour. Once you have chosen your second colour choice again hold down the button to select it and the light will flash indicating that your choice has been made.

Next step is to select the mode, click the button to see the mode option choices including fade, alternating, fast alternating , slow strobe, fast strobe or demo. To choose the mode hold down the button to select it until the light flashes.

You can save your new design in memory for use later by pressing and holding the button until it flashes. Your colour mode is now saved. You can save up to 6 custom modes. To access your saved custom modes click & hold the button from off.
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