SILICONE is super clean, washable and very durable. It's the longest lasting grip and provides excellent grip when dry. It does suffer when wet or from sweat. This would be it's only real downside.

EPDM is simply a black foam strip. The foam is soft, grippy and stays gripping in most situation even when wet or sweaty. It does leave some black residue on skin after use, as the foam is not coated at all.

Sports Grip is a more finished product combining a foam backing, with a tough outer layer of grip. It also has a double-sided tape backing for easy application. The grip is excellent though it doesn't stay grippy as long as EPDM. It doesn't last as long as the other two though, so you will have to replace more often to maintain good grip levels.

+ Extremely long lasting and excellent grip in dry.
- Doesn't handle wet conditions/sweat well.

+ Stays grippy longer. Great level of grip.
- Not a good finish. Leaves black residue when using. Harder to apply.

Sports Grip.
+ Easy to apply. Excellent finish. Great level of grip.
- Doesn't stay grippy as long as EPDM.
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