The smaller the wick the smaller the flame, the bigger the wick the bigger the flame.

For a complete beginner, our 50mm wick is a good option. It will give you a nice flame to get into and used to fire spinning. Ideal for the novice twirler.

The 75mm wick is our most popular size and with a bit more weight and a bit bigger flame you’ll be happy with them as a beginner and as you advance.

If you choose the 100mm wick you are up for some bigger flames! If you feel confident and already have experience spinning fire you’ll love some bigger wicks. More fire is more flame and more impressive! Plus the extra weight will make certain moves like stalls easier to perform.

There are also options to go for multi-wick poi. These are pretty impressive to spin with and will definitely add some flare to your fire show! Perhaps a good option when you’re a bit more experienced.

The Isis Poi are a neat design fire poi. They absorb more fuel and they’ll burn bigger and longer. They are great for the more advanced spinners.

The Monkey Fist Poi are a solid ball of fire, made with lots of wick. Pro spinners all around the world love the monkey fist. They burn bigger, longer and brighter and have a great weight!

Same goes for the Snake Poi. It’s getting pretty serious with these guys! Only recommended for pro spinners who want to add to their arsenal of props. You must keep these spinning as soon as you light them up.
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